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Posted by Brian
Ever since digital consoles came out along with their attendant editing programs, everyone has joked about how one day we’ll be mixing shows from our house.

Well, this week I took a large step in that direction by mixing a show in London from a comfortable seat in Washington DC.

I should say this was a web broadcast event so I wasn’t mixing for speakers in the room. But it was still pretty cool.

I used QL Editor in DC to drive a QL1 that was located in London. Audio monitoring was accomplished by using Google Hangouts to send audio as well as a view of the Multiview screen from the video switcher so I could see what was happening.

All in all it just kinda worked. I need to improve the quality of the monitoring experience and am looking at the new Unity Connect product to do just that. And as much as I hate to admit it, an X32/M32 would probably work better given it’s superior networking implementation and ability to take a Midi fader controller to control the software locally while the software drives a remote mixer.

But yeah, the future is now. Now i just need to move the remote rig to my bedroom so i can get really comfy.

Reply by Neil
What sort of network setup did you use for this? Was QL Editor running on your local machine with a VPN connection to the remote console network, or were you running the editor software at the remote end and connecting to that machine via Remote Desktop or similar?

Reply by John
I’m not responsible for the network setup on these jobs, which is a good thing since I know just enough about networking to be dangerous.

That being said, i do know this. We use Cisco Meraki routers both in DC and in London to create a private network. Network guys can chime in with more details on how that works cause I basically don’t know. But once that private network is created over the interwebs, all the devices connected on either end of the network see each other as if it were a LAN.

I ran QL Editor in DC controlling the QL1 located in London. Ping time was consistently 85 ms which made the control interaction basically seamless. The video switch was done similarly with an ATEM 2ME switcher in London and a ATEM switcher control panel located in DC. They also imported graphics created in DC directly into the ATEM located in London. [Sorry, that second parts is not really sound, but I found it interesting]

Hope that’s enough information to make sense. If anyone is interested in more details I can easily query and get a more detailed explanation.

Reply by John
So are we now closer to our fantasy of mixing in our underwear? BTW, this is so cool. I’m very envious and hope that I get a chance to do that.

Reply by Robert
I do THAT every gig, I’m hoping to mix OUT of my underwear soon. Very cool Brian!

Reply by Neil
Very cool to see this being done with current technology. I think we are going to see more and more of this, maybe not for live events where it might be hard to really hear what is happening in the room, but definitely for broadcast events. It’s not a giant step from listening to monitors in a truck outside a venue to listening to monitors somewhere else entirely.

Reply by Chris
Very cool.

I can’t say I’ve mixed on a console located on another continent, but I sound design / project manage several large corporate events that involve a bunch of consoles in a bunch of spaces doing a bunch of things, and make it standard practice that I can remote control any console from my control position (in a comfy room side of stage somewhere). It has proved useful for remote support and on-the-fly changes on many occasions!

Reply by Jens
Several of the TV stations here have started doing remote sport broadcast where camera racking, vision and sound are mixed at the station HQ. Really cool technology.

Reply by Craig
What is this underwear you speak of?

Reply by Tom
It “depends!”

Reply by John
Commando mixing. I’m getting tired of wearing black all the time. This could be the ticket. And as long as nothing goes wrong, no one will ever notice.

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