L-Acoustics To Introduce New Optimization Tools At Prolight + Sound

New features to debut for Soundvision and LA Network Manager along with the launch of the P1 AVB processor and measurement platform.

L-Acoustics announces new tools and improvements to its design, processing and control toolkit that will be introduced at Prolight + Sound.

New features to Soundvision, LA Network Manager and the launch of the P1 AVB processor and upcoming measurement platform offer automated assistance in the comprehensive measurement and optimization of L-Acoustics’ systems.

L-Acoustics has constantly improved Soundvision 3D real-time acoustical simulation program. Soundvision users will benefit from new Autosplay and Autofilter features. Obtaining the best sound relies predominantly on physics – choosing the right cabinets for the job and optimizing them mechanically. To accomplish this, the Autosplay feature allows sound designers to define their target SPL along the audience and Autosplay will rapidly calculate the optimal speaker angles. Once loudspeaker hangs are defined, Autofilter applies DSP settings to ensure the system is further optimized for even, clear coverage through any venue.

L-Acoustics’ real-time systems control and monitoring software, LA Network Manager sees the addition of Autoalign to automatically calculate proposed relative delay and polarity for complementary systems like subwoofers and fills. Once in live mode, the new Autoclimate tool integrates temperature and humidity information from sensors on the P1 AVB processor and allows the user to adapt the system response to changing atmospheric conditions, without revisiting prior workflow steps.

While these new tools provide an optimized path to system design and show control, the user remains in full command, able to adjust any parameter by hand at any time.

“From the very beginning, L-Acoustics has created the tools and technology that shape our industry,” explains Jeff Rocha, director of product management at L-Acoustics. “These evolutions to our product ecosystem offer the best of both worlds to our partners: a clear path to highest system performance while always keeping our users in control.”

The new Soundvision and LA Network Manager features release throughout 2018. Demonstrations of the evolved L-Acoustics ecosystem will be held at Prolight + Sound in Hall 3, Kontrast Room. L-Acoustics can also be found in Hall 3.1, stand C11.

LA Network Manager Autoclimate integrates temperature and humidity data and allows the user to adapt system response to compensate for the change in atmospheric conditions



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