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L-Acoustics Rolling Out L-ISA Auditoria Demo Program Globally

Fifteen new auditoria serve as demonstration venues, training sites and are also available as a place to prepare mixes for future projects.
The L-ISA Auditoria at LMG in Orlando.

L-Acoustics is rolling out its L-ISA Auditoria in strategic locations in numerous countries to provide demonstrations, training or mixing sessions of L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology.

“To support the development of L-ISA technology in the professional audio market, we have developed pre-determined systems for either mobile or permanent L-ISA Auditoria, which can be deployed to support existing partners, artists and potential clients,” explains L-Acoustics executive director of applications Cédric Montrézor. “The network of L-ISA Auditoria around the globe is designed to exacting standards to guarantee the natural, intimate spatialized experience of L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology.”

The L-ISA mixing suite in Westlake Village, CA.

Two versions of the packages are available: a frontal system that delivers the resolution required for optimized source localization, immersive effect and the width required for an effective demonstration of reverb; and the same configuration plus complementary overheads, which enhance the immersive experience and demonstrate the 3D capabilities for direct sound and room engine.

“Over the past 12 months, we have trained 160 high-profile sound designers and mixing engineers in over 25 seminars, which is over 75 days of training in total,” adds L-Acoustics director of scientific outreach & education Etienne Corteel. “Rolling out additional facilities allows our partners to organize training seminars at their own locations with an L-Acoustics certified trainer and represents an important next step in making L-ISA training available to a wider audience of professionals.”

The Auditoria in Marcoussis during an L-ISA training.

To date, in addition to the facilities already in place in L-Acoustics’ head office in Marcoussis, France, its L-ISA headquarters in London’s Highgate, DeltaLive in Surrey, UK, and L-Acoustics’ U.S. office in Westlake Village, CA, 15 more L-ISA Auditoria have been completed. These are situated at Certified Providers Sonoruss in Moscow, Matrix in Denmark, Finland’s Audico, Seoul’s Klausys, Pro Music in Prague, Germany’s Babbel & Haeger, Groh-PA and Wilhelm & Willhalm, LMG in Orlando and New York’s See Factor, and with China’s Rightway in Taipei, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.

The Auditoria in Moscow during a demo.

The auditoria serve as demonstration venues, training sites and are also available as a place to prepare mixes for future projects. DeltaLive, which has delivered a fully immersive experience for three years at Thailand’s Wonderfruit festival, has served as preproduction headquarters for electronic artists to prepare their immersive mix for the festival.

Go here for more information about L-ISA training.


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