L-Acoustics Partners With Avid On L-ISA

AX DSP version of Source Control plugin now available for VENUE | S6L console’s control surface along with an AAX native plugin for Pro Tools integration.

L-Acoustics announces the development of an AAX DSP version of its L-ISA Source Control plugin for the Avid VENUE | S6L console’s control surface, allowing sound engineers an expanded range of consoles in which they will be able to use a familiar workflow to manage immersive environments easily and intuitively.

L-Acoustics’ L-ISA ecosystem consists of a toolchain that can handle multidimensional audio projects at any stage. With the L-ISA plugin for S6L, users have access to all “source object” controls, including pan, width, distance and elevation, as well as a designated aux send, and all L-ISA parameters can be stored in the console’s snapshots engine and recalled in the same way as other console parameters. This integration offers many benefits in terms of show portability and live interaction, and the loudspeaker layout can easily be adapted to location changes while maintaining the spatial properties of the mix.

In addition to the L-ISA AAX DSP plugin, L-ISA can also be integrated into Pro Tools via an AAX native plugin, opening up L-ISA’s 96-input multichannel mixing capabilities in the Pro Tools environment for sound design and other applications.

“The L-ISA Source Control AAX DSP plugin allows engineers to control their L-ISA mix directly from an S6L console,” says L-ISA director of R&D Guillaume Le Nost. “As a result, sound engineers are able to use a familiar workflow and a single interface to manage an object-based mix easily and intuitively, for a variety of loudspeaker configurations, from frontal layouts to surround or 3D.”

“With more tours and musicals using immersive audio and surround sound to engage audiences, live sound engineers need an easy, intuitive way to manage the added layer of complexity this brings to the audio space,” adds Avid director of Live System Product Management Al McKinna. “These new plugins from L-Acoustics and Avid’s other development partners provide the most elegant, integrated and streamlined solution for immersive mixing, giving users hands-on control of immersive audio solutions and access to powerful new tools for mixing in these new formats.”

L-Acoustics’ L-ISA technology offers multi-channel sound reinforcement, making multi-layer, object-based sound design possible for live and creative events. With L-ISA quickly gaining momentum among artists and sound professionals alike, L-Acoustics is increasing the scope and networkability of L-ISA with a rapidly expanding universe of high-profile partners that have adopted the technology. In addition to Avid, these include: DiGiCo, which natively integrates L-ISA Source Control functionality via Desk Link into its SD range of mixing consoles; Blacktrax, a vision-based tracking system that connects to L-ISA technology via the RTTrP open source protocol; and KLANG:technologies, a pioneer in the design of 3D in-ear monitor mixing systems.

L-Acoustics’ L-ISA Source Control plugin for Avid


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