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L-Acoustics M1 Suite of Measurement Tools

Network Manager 3 takes the industry’s leading sound reinforcement system control & monitoring software to a new level by integrating the M1 , a comprehensive suite of measurement tools. From data acquisition, through system tuning to live monitoring, M1 works in combination with L-Acoustics P1 processor and amplified controllers to offer a streamlined system calibration process. M1 is a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that saves users both time and effort.

  • Measurement Matrix – Overview of sources to measure and corresponding measurement locations
  • Measurement Sequencing – Automatic solo of each source to meausre within a measurement group
  • Measurement Quality Check – Automatic discard of disruptive measurements and visual validation through quality bar
  • Silent Tuning – No additional measurement required to validate tuning decision
  • System Equalization – EQ based on individual, averaged and summed measurements
  • One-click Autoalign – Time alignment of multiple sources in one click
  • Real Time Analysis – Real time tracking of system behavior
  • Auto Calibration –  Display of absolute SPL values
  • Microphone calibration – independant of preamp gain

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