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L-Acoustics Introduces LA Network Manager 2 Software

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L-Acoustics is pleased to announce the release of the new LA Network Manager 2 software and its suite of interactive tutorials.

Completely rewritten from scratch on both network communication and GUI standpoints, LA Network Manager 2 features:

  • An application-driven approach taking the user efficiently through the workflow steps of Setup, Tuning, and Live by implementing the tools required for each task into their own dedicated page
  • A purely graphical interface optimized for tablet PC use and allowing for placing units and groups in the workspace in a way that reflects their location in the field
  • Automatic discovery of the units connected to the network, including hot-plugged units
  • New productivity tools: Unit Matcher, Custom Preset Builder and Preset Bank Builder
  • Capability to assign units to multiple groups facilitating advanced system management and tuning strategies
  • Two additional IIR PEQ in the Contour EQ
  • Enhanced system monitoring with the Message Center and its log files


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