KRK Systems Unveils New Rokit Line of Powered Studio Monitors

KRK Systems has unveiled the second generation of its Rokit monitor, now incorporating several technologies from the company’s flagship VXT and E8B lines such as radically radiused edges along the front of the cabinet.

The new Rokits replace the current Rokit 5-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch models.

A key component to the new Rokit look is the molded front baffle that virtually eliminates diffraction distortion caused by standard flat baffles.

The Rokit G2’s curved front baffle was engineered to minimize diffraction of high-frequencies, resulting in a sweet spot that is significantly larger than products with square or lightly rounded baffles.

The baffle also houses a molded front-facing bass port that minimizes low-frequency phase distortion and unwanted frequency emphasis typical of rear-facing bass ports. The end result is a harmonious yet accurate blend of low and high-frequency components that result in a more accurate speaker.

Additionally, the Rokit G2’s voicing has been slightly enhanced to provide even better mix clarity and precision.

“KRK has always been respected for engineering monitors that accurately reflect what is going on in the mix” said Tony Rodrigues, Vice-President of Marketing for KRK Systems. “Even in this day of ‘sweet’ sounding monitors that demo well in the store but fall down in a mixing environment, KRK has stayed true to its commitment of providing accurate, honest tools for home, project and professional studios,” added Rodrigues.

The new Rokit G2 has a MAP price of $149.

For more information:
KRK Systems Website

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