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Daniel Alverez (left) and Juan Galeano of Diamante Eléctrico in their workspaces that equipped with KRK V-Series 6 monitors.

KRK For Multiple Latin GRAMMY Winners Diamante Eléctrico

Colombian rock band employing V-Series 6 studio monitors and S10.4 subwoofer for work on their forthcoming new studio album.

Singer/bassist Juan Galeano and guitarist Daniel Alvarez, the pair forming Colombian rock band Diamante Eléctrico that has scored three Latin GRAMMY wins and a 2021 GRAMMY nomination under their belt, are employing KRK V-Series 6 studio monitors for their personal workspaces as they focus on their forthcoming new studio album.

“KRK has been a very recognizable brand to me for many years,” says Alvarez. “Even before I decided to build my home studio before the pandemic, I knew it was the brand to choose. I have seen KRK’s studio monitors used in so many different situations — professional studios and smaller ones, and for every genre of music. It was one of those scenarios where I knew I had to have KRK gear once I built a studio of my own. They’re everywhere, so it’s a trusted reference you’ll most likely find wherever you go.”

Galeano adds, “I’m currently using the KRK V-Series 6 monitors, but I have used KRK speakers and headphones throughout the years. The V6s are reliable, real, good-looking, and very affordable for their features and quality. They have always been easy to incorporate into my workflow, from smaller setups to my full-size studio. KRKs deliver every time, in every way.”

Alvarez employs a similar set-up in his personal studio, adding a KRK S10.4 subwoofer to pair with his monitors. “My V6s are very accurate and always create a truthful sound for my music,” he states. “It’s a great balance between enjoying yourself in the studio and having the ability to be critical about what you’re listening to.”

For their upcoming release, most of the duo’s pre-production, overdubs, and vocals were all mixed using the V6 monitors. “The entirety of my vocals and guitar for our four-time Latin GRAMMY- and GRAMMY-nominated album Mira Lo Que Me Hiciste Hacer were also recorded with KRK,” adds Alvarez. “As a guitarist, finding a pair of monitors that I trust to record through is quite the challenge. The V6s are loud and move enough energy to keep you excited, but they also keep the audio truthful and accurate.”


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