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KRK Expands Its CLASSIC Line Of Studio Monitors

New 7- and 8-inch models incorporate a front-slotted bass port that's designed to reduce boundary coupling and allow for flexible positioning within a room.
Front and back views of one of the new CLASSIC monitors models from KRK.

KRK has announced the expansion of its CLASSIC line of active two-way studio monitors — designed using concepts from the brand’s previous ROKIT lines — with the addition of 7- and 8-inch models.

“We’re thrilled to welcome two new solutions to KRK’s family of professional-grade studio monitor offerings,” says Sterling Doak, Director of Marketing for Gibson. “Joining KRK’s CLASSIC 5, the new CLASSIC 7 and CLASSIC 8 provide the enhanced bass response and sound that music creators around the world have trusted for years. Perfect for all genres of music, KRK CLASSIC monitors provide artists, producers, and engineers with the renowned KRK sound, without breaking the bank. Plus, with three sizes to choose from, there’s now a CLASSIC monitor for everyone.”

CLASSIC monitors are bi-amped (Class A/B amplifiers) with a built-in automatic limiter and a low-resonance enclosure that’s designed to minimize distortion and colorization. There’s also the optional ability to engage the +2 dB KRK Bass Boost.

The new CLASSIC 7 and CLASSIC 8 both utilize a 1-inch textile, soft-dome tweeter paired with either a 7-, or 8-inch glass aramid woofer working with a front-slotted bass port that’s designed to reduce boundary coupling and allow for flexible positioning within a room. A preinstalled hi-density foam pad decouples the enclosure from the surface, intended to enhance clarity and supply more accurate frequency response.

With high- and low-frequency controls, users can adjust the monitors’ sound to their environment and preference. Multiple input connections (XLR,1/4-inch, RCA) are provided.


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