Kramer Introduces The VP-422 Digital HDMI To PC Scaler

Kramer Electronics has announced the VP-422 Digital HDMI to PC Scaler. 

The VP-422 is a high-performance digital scaler for computer graphics video and HDTV video signals.

The unit scales HDMI signals to resolutions of up to WUXGA and 1080p, and also de-embeds the stereo audio to output unbalanced analog stereo signals.

The VP-422 supports, scales and outputs computer graphics video resolutions from VGA (640 x 480) up to WUXGA (1900 x 1200), and HDTV signals from 480p up to 1080p. 

Through the HDMI input, the VP-422 scales the digital input up or down to a selectable computer graphics video or HDTV output signal on a 15-pin HD connector. 

The VP-422 also de-embeds the stereo audio output as unbalanced analog stereo signals on RCA connectors.  The 15-pin HD connector outputs an RGBHV signal or, with the correct adapter cable, a component video signal, depending on the chosen output resolution.

The VP-422 features a built-in proc amp which allows for the brightness, contrast, and color of the output signal to be adjusted.  These picture adjustments can be made via the VP-422’s on-screen display (OSD), which is accessed via the front panel buttons.

Also included on the front panel are buttons for image freeze and a quick auto adjust button for automatic image set up.  These settings are stored in non-volatile memory that retains the last settings used. The VP-422 also features an external 5V DC power source, making it suitable for field operation.

The VP-422 is housed in a compact Kramer MegaTOOLS enclosure, and is currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.


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