Klark Teknik Launches DN540 Creative Quad Compressor & DN530 Creative Quad Gate

At the 2009 ProLight+Sound/Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Klark Teknik introduced the DN540 Creative Quad Compressor and DN530 Creative Quad Gate, two new products in a brand new series.

The DN540 packs four channels of creative compression into a 1U chassis, while the DN530 provides great sounding, easy to use gates in a compact 1U format.

Leading features of the KT DN540:
• Quad channel compressor
• Ease of use, requiring minimum set up to produce excellent results
• “Harmonic Enhancement” presence control to correct loss of detail and intelligibility during compression without increasing noise or likelihood of feedback
• Extremely low noise and distortion levels
• Sonic design which has been “tuned by ear” to produce extremely transparent compression
• Advanced envelope generator with manual controls for creative dynamic effects
• Intuitive controls for all functions contributing to output levels
• Easily identifiable bypass, solo and other major switches, with status LEDs
• Channel linking with true power summing to provide true threshold setting for stereo material
• External sidechain inputs
• Roadworthy 1U chassis
• Balanced inputs and outputs
• Auto switching power supply

Anticipated applications of the new KT DN540 include:
• Protecting signal paths from amplitude overload
• Improving the apparent power of signals when an artists’ performance is a little too dynamic
• Maintaining a stable signal level to help an instrument sit within a mix
• Changing the percussive timbre of an instrument to enhance impact
• Compressing a mix so that it maintains a stable signal level (typically to make it sound louder)
• Changing the percussive timbre of a mix to make it sound fuller and to enhance impact
• Frequency conscious compression to remove unwanted sibilance or undesired tonal artefacts via external sidechain

“Throughout the history of dynamics processing, many different compressors have been produced using different types of gain technology,” says Midas and Klark Teknik Brand Development Manager Richard Ferriday. “Each type has a distinctive sound, and users have found benefits in these often unintentional compression audio artefacts, taking the use of compressors far beyond simple dynamic range reduction. With these creative applications in mind, the DN540 has been designed with a unique “Harmonic Enhancement” presence control to preserve the harmonic content of the material in a more natural, dynamic state. This allows more compression to be applied, providing greater control of programme dynamics, without the source material sounding dull, lacking in detail and unnatural.”

Meanwhile, the new DN530 Creative Quad Gate offers “Transient Accenting”, a creative feature providing an easy way to enhance the attack envelope beyond merely opening the gate.

This can provide up to 12 dB of additional transient energy and its primary application is to provide additional impact on drums and percussion instruments, although it can be used to enhance the impact of acoustic stringed instruments such as guitar and piano as well as other instruments.

Uniquely, Transient Accenting allows the operator to control precisely the amount of enhancement added to each channel, and can be applied independently of the gating function.

Leading features of the KT DN530 Creative Quad Gate:
• Quad channel gate
• Unique progressively controllable accent level that emphasises the initial transient of a signal to increase dynamic power
• Exponential gate attack to reduce signal loss at the start of sounds while remaining sonically transparent – no clicks
• Reverse exponential gate release to blend seamlessly with the natural decay of the programme
• Extremely low noise and distortion levels
• Advanced band pass side chain filter to increase trigger source discrimination
• Rotary controls for all envelope characteristics and variable range
• External key inputs and ducking facilities
• Easily identifiable bypass, solo and other major switches
• Roadworthy 1U chassis
• Balanced inputs and outputs
• Auto switching power supply

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“With the unrelenting absorption of signal processing into digital mixing consoles, outboard gear now has to contribute something extra special to justify its space in the rack,” says Ferriday. “The new DN530 Creative Quad Gate does just that, bringing some exciting new tools to the audio party.”

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