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Kevin Hart in concert on the current "Reality Check Tour" working with a Telefunken M80 microhone. (Photo Credit: Kevin Kwan)

Kevin Hart Travels With TELEFUNKEN & Showtime Sound

In addition to its sonic qualities, the gold-plated dynamic model works well with the vibrant colors employed during the comedian/actor's live performances.

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart, currently out on the “Reality Check Tour,” is utilizing a gold-plated Telefunken M80 dynamic microphone, a choice made in conjunction with Showtime Sound director of technical operations Marc Chauvin.

“On his last tour, ‘Irresponsible’ in 2017-2019, we switched to a wireless nickel-plated Telefunken M80 with a Shure Axient ADX2FD transmitter,” notes Chauvin, a Connecticut native who has developed a strong association with the mic company that’s based in his home state. “For his current tour, ‘Reality Check,’ we kept the M80, but this time in a hardwired configuration for Kevin’s gold-plated Telefunken M80.”

Scott Tydings, production manager and front of house engineer for “Reality Check Tour” has been working with Hart since the 2012 “Let Me Explain” tour. Chauvin continues, “Kevin has a very dynamic personality. Sometimes he is very quiet and sometimes he is very loud. Scott and I were trying to find the right mic for his tours when we discovered the M80 — it gave him more control of his delivery and had a more even response.

“It’s essential to have the same quality in a microphone that we have coming out of our L-Acoustics monitors and speakers. We aim to fully capture the entire show as it was meant to be seen and heard – the essence of a performer in his natural environment, and that’s what the Telefunken M80 provides. From day one, the support and service we have gotten from Telefunken has been outstanding.”

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