Kaltman Creations RF-Vue RF Analyzer Adds Dell Touch Tablet and Intermod Software

Kaltman Creations has announced that starting in June, the Invisible Waves RF-Vue touch tablet RF analyzer will ship with a Dell Latitude 10-inch tablet. In addition, for a limited time, all RF-Vue models will include integrated RF-intermodPRO intermodulation software at no additional charge.

Introduced last year, the RF-Vue portable tablet-based RF analyzer allows the user to master and control wireless transmitters, IEMs, and visually navigate around RF interference, all with full-finger on-screen control. The newest integrated RFVue Dell tablet offers better and faster finger gesture control, faster sweep speeds, and larger memory and hard drive size than previously available.

“The Dell tablet/computer represents a significant improvement in technology yet with no price increase for our customers,” says Mark Kaltman, president of Kaltman Creations. “Maintaining our low price was due in-part to the initial success of the RFVue and our subsequent ability to make a large buy-in on these tablets.”

RF-Vue is also offered for use with a customer’s own tablet or laptop. “One of the pluses of a tablet-based RF analyzer is its portability,” Kaltman adds. “Compared to rack mount or bench top models, the ability to walk a venue or facility and track interference, locate RF dead spots, find best antenna positions, etc., is a real advantage.”

Main features of RF-Vue and its new Dell tablet include a broad frequency range of 50 MHz to 2.5 GHz; current, average, and peak spectral traces; Touch-to-Listen (the only analyzer to offer listen-in capability); an RF Congestion Scale to gauge the severity of local RF; customizable screen markers; and insta-save custom profiles.

As an added bonus and for a limited time, RF-Vue will also include RFintermodPRO software at no charge (normally a $275 value). The RF-intermodPRO is a “one-click assignment” intermodulation predicting software which can be used either as a stand-alone software or integrated with RF-Vue.

When integrated with the RFVue, RF-intermodPRO incorporates the analyzer’s real-time spectral data right into the intermodulation calculation process, providing exceptionally accurate frequency coordination.

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