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K-array Launches Five New Speakers At InfoComm

K-array introducing flexible products for A/V, clubs, theatres, churches, boats, museums and the stage

Audio specialist Sennheiser announces the launch of five loudspeakers from its distributed brand K-array: the KU 36 ultra-slim subwoofer, the KTL22 and KTL22C compact speakers with integrated spotlights, the KZ10-4 PACK bundle and the KA7-7 amplifier.

All five products are imported from Italy and deliver a remarkable combination of outstanding audio quality and efficiency for a wide range of installation applications.

The KU36 ultra-slim subwoofer is designed to complement any K-array installation series speaker, including K-array’s KZ10 and KV50 line-array elements. The KU36 delivers a full-range frequency response (45Hz to 300Hz) along with an impressive output and a virtually invisible profile. Housed in steel, the rugged subwoofer is ideal for outdoor use and areas that are subject to the elements—particularly in marine areas where ordinary bass speakers may corrode. It is also suitable for installation in churches, theaters and clubs. The KU36 is comprised of a 1 x 6-inch neodymium transducer, combined with 2 x 6-inch passive transducers; the chassis is completely sealed and cannot be penetrated by dust, sand or water.  More information and complete specifications are available here.

K-array’s new KTL22 and KTL22C ceiling-mounted loudspeakers with integrated spotlights are designed for use as architectural and display lighting in areas that also require sound reinforcement. The KTL22 features a solid aluminum chassis with an integral yoke bracket, while the KTL22C contains integrated hardware for recessed ceiling mounting. The speaker component is a single 30W 2-inch hi-efficiency neodymium element with a 32-Ohm impedance. Up to eight KTL22s can be wired in parallel to a single channel of any of the KA series amplifiers. The lighting component consists of 6 RGB 2.5W LEDs. Color mix and intensity is programmable via a 4-pin Phoenix connected to the K-CTRL DMX controller. Ideal applications for the KTL22 include museum exhibits, theaters, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, retail stores and any other application where high-quality, unobtrusive audio and lighting is required. More information and complete specifications are available here.

K-array’s new KZ10-4 PACK bundle is a discreet, high-performance sound system in a convenient single package that includes (2) KZ10-4 four-Ohm ultra-miniaturized line-array elements (available only in this exclusive package); (1) KU36 ultra-slim subwoofer; (1) KA1-1 lightweight power amplifier (power supply not included); (1) basic cable kit.

Just half an inch deep, the KZ10-4 delivers true crystal-clear audio with an amazing 92 dB continuous output. The system, which is housed in a rugged chassis enclosure, delivers long throw and coherent coverage making it ideal for use in any space-constrained situation. Up to four KZ10s can be integrated to the KKS50 sub bass, extending the frequency range to 35Hz. The system is ideal for installation in facilities such as restaurants, bars and museums. 

The ultra-flat KJ50vb 3D line-array element from K-array is just two inches high. Along with its ultra-slim profile, substantial output capability and smooth frequency response over the full vocal range, the KJ50vb can switch-select the horizontal coverage pattern and vary the vertical coverage through DSP control. The KJ50vb is specifically designed to work with the K-array KA7-7 four-channel power amplifier (see below), but is capable of operating with other power amplifiers and DSP control systems.  More information and complete specifications are available here.

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Finally, K-array’s new KA7-7 power amplifier is built into a 2U, half-rack, lightweight aluminum chassis. Comprised of two or four output channels, the KA7-7 provides up to eight channels in a standard 2U rack space when mounted together. It features on-board DSP presets, each of which is specially optimized for K-array speaker systems. The new KA7-7 also features optical limiters and protection against high temperatures, overload and short circuits. The KA7-7 complements any K-array speaker system and is suitable for theatrical sound reinforcement, concert halls, clubs, houses of worship, museums and stage monitoring. More information and complete specifications are available here.


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