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K-array Brings Moxy To Versatile Multizone System At Trendy New York Hotel

Python line arrays, Tornado compact point source loudspeakers, and Thunder subwoofers meet challenges presented by unique coverage requirements

Moxy Times Square, the New York City flagship of Marriott’s new, experimental global hotel brand, incorporates a versatile, multizoned sound reinforcement system developed by Anthem Productions (Mt. Vernon, NY) that’s headed by K-array loudspeakers.

Located in the heart of the big apple on 36th Street and 7th Avenue, the Moxy is an edgier version of Marriott’s usual approach, with Anthem Productions facing several challenges in designing and implementing systems serving the venue’s main lobby, Legasea restaurant, The Pickup cafeteria, Magic Hour Bar & Lounge, Foreplay miniature golf course, and Bar Moxy and lounge.

These multipurpose coverage zones needed to provide commensurate high-quality sound at low levels along with the ability to play very loud since they all also host high-energy parties.

“Coverage, when dealing with the relatively low ceilings, had to be spot on without listener fatigue in close proximity to speaker,” explains Angelo Poulos, partner at Anthem. “Of course, the speakers had to be unobtrusive as the owners requested that they basically disappear.”

Anthem looked to K-array America to help provide the solution, starting with Python line array elements deployed to deliver coverage in the horizontal plane as well as tight vertical control that minimizes unwanted reflections. In addition, Python proved capable of consistency and coherence in handling the dramatically different volume levels, with plenty of headroom to spare even when pushed hard.

Meanwhile, smaller 2-inch point source loudspeakers, Tornados, supply supplemental coverage to areas behind the larger arrays, with low-end support from several Thunder subwoofers. All loudspeakers are driven with K-array Kommander power amplifiers.

“When we fired up the system after timing, simulating with EASE software and Anthem’s proprietary electronics, the system was flawless,” states Joseph Lodi, Athem co-owner and system designer. “The sound was articulate and powerful with a graceful quality, and each area performed with amazing coverage. The owners once again were floored with the outcome and praised Anthem for choosing K-array. Most of all they loved the way the speakers blended into the environment.”

Here’s an overview of the loudspeakers utilized on the project:

Restaurant 2nd Floor Area
14 Python-KP52
8 Tornado-KT2C
6 Thunder-KMT12P
5 Kommander-KA84


Rooftop Lounge/East and West Terrace, Mini Golf Areas
30 Python-KP52
20 Thunder-KMT12P
5 Kommander-KA84

Lobby 1st Floor Area, Lobby 2nd Floor Area, Grab and Go
15 Python-KP52
6 Thunder-KMT12P
3 Kommander-KA24


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