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K-array Appoints Metrica Sound As Distributor For Ibiza

Studio focused on 3D and Binaural recording named exclusive distributor for the Spanish island of Ibiza.

K-array announces a new partnership that sees Metrica Sound as exclusive K-array distributor for the Spanish island of Ibiza.

Metrica Recording Studio was developed by Javier Ferrer in 2018 with the studio focused on 3D and Binaural recording and is also one of the first recording studios in the world to use the Sfëar Technology in a professional environment.

“We have a selection of the best tools available on the market and we are a group of professionals with more than 15 years in the sound and music industry,” says Ferrer. “We take care of the entire recording process, from the production to the recording of voices and bands as well as the art of mixing and mastering. And now we can offer the final phase, high-performance music reproduction, by enlisting the advanced solutions that K-array offers.

With a K-array installation inside the facility, visiting DJs and musicians have special access to a live showroom and Metrica is dedicated to employing the nightclubs and hotspots on the entire island with the Italian brand, seeing their unique setup as an advantage over typical distributors.

“We focus our sights on what is to come and together, with our clients and partners and with our feet in the present, we will change the way people hear sounds and music,” concludes Ferrer.


Metrica Sound

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