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K-Array And Sennheiser Host Two-Day Seminar In Dubai

K-Array and Sennheiser Group host a two-day seminar in Dubai.

K-Array, together with its distribution partner, the Sennheiser Group, recently hosted a successful two day seminar at the Meydan Racecourse in Dubai.

The event allowed the company to engage with its existing and potential customers in the Middle East while highlighting the capabilities of K-Array ultra-compact audio solutions.

Attended by over 35 A/V installation and consultancy professionals, the event featured presentations, delivered by Francesco Maffei, Product Specialist Manager at K-array, on both live and installed sound elements.

These were complimented by live demos of products which included the Anakonda KAN200 flexible array element speaker and the ultra-miniaturized KZ10 line-array element.

“Because K-Array’s range of products is highly innovative and so vastly different from what is generally available in the market, such workshops are tremendously beneficial to customers,” expalins Mig Cardamone, sales and marketing manager for Sennheiser Middle East.

“It permits customers to witness first hand the quality and performance of these solutions while gaining a better understanding of the potential applications for the wide range of solutions available. This is done by not only discussing the products and their features but also providing detailed overviews of real-world use case examples.”

Attendees were particularly impressed by K-Array’s range of portable audio speaker systems which include the KR202 and KR402 integrated, self-powered speaker systems that feature Mid-Hi line array elements matched to powered Subwoofers.

The high sound pressure level (SPL) capabilities of these portable systems were highlighted through a live outdoor demonstration which utilized two KR402 systems consisting of a pair of KMT21 (21”) subs matched to two KP102 Mid-High arrays.

During his presentations, Francesco Maffei also demonstrated the K-Array Configurator tool, available on the company’s website, which dramatically simplifies the task of determining the right amplifier and subwoofer combination to accompany a selected speaker system.

“We strongly advocate the usage of an end-to-end K-Array setup in order to guarantee the performance our customers have come to expect from our solutions,” Maffei said. “This online tool is an exceptionally easy to use resource that ensures compatibility and saves audio technicians the trouble of having to labour over product data sheets.”

Also well received at the event were the company’s Anakonda KAN200 and KZ10 audio solutions. The new K-array Anakonda KAN200 is an innovative, flexible array that unlocks new possibilities for nontraditional applications where a usual speaker box can’t be employed, but where good intelligibility, ultra-reliability and a sleek design are required. It is the perfect fit for any distributed sound application.

Its dedicated presets allow KAN200s to serve as a flexible PA system – either standalone or combined with K-array subwoofers.

The KZ10 is a remarkable ultra-micro line array designed for discreet use in a variety of situations such as restaurants, bars, museums etc. The system delivers long throw and coherent coverage making it ideal for use in space constrained situations. This miniature slim column is a mere 1.7cm deep and delivers true crystal clear audio with an amazing output of 92dB continuous which is remarkable from such a miniscule enclosure.

“I was particularly impressed by the exceptional quality of both design and manufacturing and the surprisingly high SPL that such compact systems are capable of delivering,” adds Dominic Calvert, Partner & Lead AV Consultant, B & B Project Management Consultancy, who attended the seminars and live demonstrations said. “As a consultant and specifier, I could see the utilization of these products in high end installations for hotels, conference venues, broadcast facilities and any application wherein adherence to the highest standards is a must.

The small form factor will make it easier to work with interior designers as these impressive high-performance products simply vanish into the design.”

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