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JoeCo Releases New BlackBox Software Update

Version includes full support for JoeCoRemote and extra features for enhanced workflow

JoeCo’s new system software update for the BlackBox range of multi-channel audio recorders and players (v3.0.1.0) is now available for download.

The update fully supports the JoeCoRemote hardware and JoeCoRemote iPad app on 24-channel BBR1 and 64-channel BBR64 MADI and DANTE systems.

JoeCoRemote offers remote control and operation of any BlackBox Recorder or Player via iPad and this latest software update includes improved connectivity via WiFi and more robust coding for use of the interface and iPad in Wired mode.

Several new features have also been added to enhance BlackBox Recorder workflow, with improvements to Track Name templates, Sony 9-pin control and Master/Slave playback when using multiple units together for higher track counts.

There are also more options for footswitch control enabling hands-free placement of Markers and the ability to toggle between Record/Stop and Play/Stop.

Enhancements to the BlackBox Player include failover improvements whereby the failover tone now switches over on disk errors and audio data load errors as well as on simple power failures, providing additional security during live use.

For playback applications in installations and venues such as museums, a new Autoplay mode will automatically load and play the next song without requiring an external cue and can also loop the playlist back to the start if continuous audio playback is required.

The software update adds further support for polywav files. This enables stereo and multi-channel WAV files to be used for playback as well as regular mono files. Polywavs can also be recorded using JoeCo’s iXML plug-in.

Version supports BlackBox models with both old- and new-style front panel boards. The update can be downloaded free of charge from the End User area of the JoeCo website.


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