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Jerry Finn Estate Offers Warehouse Of Recording Treasures

Collection of amplifiers, guitar pedals, and recording gear available from his years as a producer and engineer, as well as an influential Punk Rock career.

Producer/engineer Jerry Finn amassed an enormous collection of amplifiers, guitar pedals, and recording gear before his untimely death at 39 in 2008.

That collection is available for sale now, through an online sale here.

During his influential Punk Rock career, Finn worked with such bands as Green Day, blink-182, AFI, Sum 41, Alkaline Trio, Bad Religion, Morrissey, MxPx, and Rancid.

In a 2003 interview, Finn referred to his work with Green Day on 1994’s “Dookie” as “…life-changing. Before them, I was an assistant making eight bucks an hour. I was producing Gold records less than a year after them.”

A showroom at LA’s Techno Empire contains hundreds of rare and desirable items, including a Neve BCM-10 Sidecar Mixer, Mastering Lab Tube Preamps, Tannoy Super Red Monitors, Diaz CD100 Tube Combo Amp, KLON Centaur Overdrive Pedal, 1954 Gibson Les Paul GA-40 amp, EAR 660 Limiters, an Echoplex Tape Delay, and more.

The Techno Empire inventory is available exclusively through, the online marketplace for buying, selling, and learning about music gear.

Successful producer/engineer Ryan Hewitt credits working with Finn on blink-182 as “The launch pad for my career. His attention to detail is unrivaled. Jerry made very specific records in his own highly methodical way, and let nothing get between him and the result that he wanted.”

Joe McGrath, who worked with Finn from 1999 until the year of his death in 2008, remembers, “We shared a passion for capturing sounds. Jerry had heavily invested in recording gear and guitars and amps, but gear was only part of the equation. He brought a passion for record making to the studio. Jerry was funny, generous and honest.”

Techno Empire’s founder and CEO Sleven Rucci-Airo commented, “Jerry Finn was especially known for the distinctive guitar sounds he created with his cherry-picked collection of amps and processors, and also for the uniquely punchy sound of his mixes. For producers and engineers who have grown up with plug-ins, this is a chance to own the real deal. It’s a remarkable treasure trove of Jerry’s secret weapons and we’d like his legacy to live on through his collection.”

A portion of the proceeds of the Jerry Finn sale will be donated by Techno Empire to the Recording Academy’s MusiCares foundation, which provides financial assistance for music people in times of need.

The Jerry Finn gear sale
Techno Empire

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