Jensen Transformers Expands ISO-MAX Product Line

New PI-RJ2X and CI-RJ2R Cat 5/Cat 6 transmitter/receiver combinations maintain signal quality throughout the conversion process.

Jensen Transformers has extended the ISO-MAX product line with two new devices.

Sending line level audio over Cat 5/Cat 6 Ethernet cables is a common and widely used practice in the A/V industry today. Up until now, systems installers have been using products based upon low-cost and low-performing baluns, or inexpensive audio transformers. Baluns offer no high frequency isolation, and miniature, low cost audio transformers can seriously degrade the signal quality.

Jensen Transformers solved this problem with a transmitter/receiver combination that maintains true signal quality throughout the conversion process. There are now two versions available in Jensen’s ISO-MAX product line: the new PI-RJ2X for balanced XLR connections, and the CI-RJ2R for unbalanced RCA connections.

The Jensen audio transformers inside each version provide complete galvanic isolation and immunity from hum, buzz and noise caused by ground loops, while maintaining the highest audio quality demanded by the installer’s customer.

Jensen Transformers


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