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JBL VerTec Line Arrays & SOUND.COM Provide Winning Audio At Miss India 2009 Pageant

The main PA system for the pageant featured two pairs of line arrays per side, each containing eight JBL VerTec VT4888 midsize line array elements

In one of Asia’s most widely viewed events of the year, SOUND.COM of Mumbai provided JBL Professional VerTec line arrays for the Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2009 pageant in Mumbai.

The event, which selects India’s three different finalists for participation in the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth international beauty pageants, was staged at the Andheri Sports Complex for a live audience of 4,000 fashion-industry and global media professionals.

This year’s Miss India pageant was broadcast live to more than one billion viewers across 72 countries.

Having provided live sound for the Miss India pageant in the past, SOUND.COM fully recognized the challenges of the event. “The audio system needed to provide enough acoustical power and headroom to be heard throughout the venue and also needed to be clear enough to meet the live broadcast standards,” said Warren D’Souza, Managing Director of SOUND.COM.

“In addition to providing live sound reinforcement, our team worked directly with Cineyug Worldwide and Sony Television to help deliver audio for broadcast.”

Joining D’Souza onsite, the top-tier crew from SOUND.COM included Gilroy Valladares, Sunil Karanjikar, and Fali Damania for sound system setup, optimization & operation. Assisting backstage were Yusuf Shaikh, Yasin Shaikh & Ranjit Singh along with supporting technicians Piyush Singh & Kalpesh Ajare.

The SOUND.COM team designed and set up a multi-array system for the event, selecting from the company’s extensive rental inventory of JBL VerTec line array elements. The main PA system for the pageant featured two pairs of line arrays per side, each containing eight JBL VerTec VT4888 midsize line array elements.

An additional six VT4887 compact line array elements per side satisfied out fill requirements. Further, four VT4880 full-size arrayable subwoofers per side complemented the system.

VRX932LA compact constant-curvature loudspeakers provided front fill and flown center fill coverage, while VRX932LA speakers with VRX918S subwoofers were in use as an onstage side fill system. SRX712M monitors were used for backstage paging.

Crown I-Tech 8000 amplifiers powered the system, while a Soundcraft Vi6 digital mixing console was utilized at the front of house position.

“The selection of SOUND.COM for the Miss India 2009 pageant, one of the most widely-viewed broadcast events of the year, is quite an honor,” D’Souza added. “This event also underscores the increasingly sophisticated level of audio system technology that is becoming available in an emerging market like India. This allows event planners and show producers with high global standards to have their needs met in virtually any location.”

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