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JBL Professional VTX arrays left and right above the main stage at the Alamodome of UNITE San Antonio.

JBL Professional VTX For Music & Worship At UNITE San Antonio

Production company Internally Sound deploys VTX A12 and V20 line arrays for large-scale event featuring spoken word presentations and concert performances at the Alamodome.

Event production company Internally Sound recently deployed a main system utilizing JBL Professional VTX line arrays powered by Crown amplifiers for the recent UNITE San Antonio worship and music live event at the Alamodome.

Produced by the Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association, the two evenings featured speakers and live music from Chris Tomlin, King & Country, David Crowder and others in addition to presentations from Dawson himself. “UNITE San Antonio—like many of the events we do—featured a combination of live music and speech segments,” said Mark Jenkins, co-owner/operator of Internally Sound. “The JBL VTX system gave us the articulation and detail we needed for the speech parts, but it also delivered the power and impact needed for the concert artists. It sounded fantastic. The bands were very happy with it — one of the bands’ engineers said it was his all-time favorite concert PA. So it was smiles all around with the VTX system.”

Jenkins and co-owner Phil Jenkins worked with JBL technicians to design the system that employed main left-right hangs of 32 VTX A12 line array speakers (16 boxes per side) with 18 VTX B28 arrayable subwoofers (nine subs per side) suspended directly behind the A12 arrays. Internally Sound also deployed VTX V20 line arrays (16 per side) as outfills while the low end was supplemented with 27 VTX S28 stackable subwoofers distributed across the floor in front of the stage in nine cardioid-stacks of three subs each.

“We’ve been using the JBL VTX V20 speakers for almost a decade, and it’s been a big success for us” says Mark Jenkins. “The V20 is a compact box that’s not terribly big or heavy. It pins well and flies well. We also brought in First Born Productions to provide the A12 speakers, which blended seamlessly with our V20 boxes and helped us deliver perfect coverage in the entire arena. In terms of the PA, we’d be very happy to roll in with the exact same system again. We’re very grateful to be a part of Unite San Antonio, and all of the work we do with Scott Dawson’s ministry. It was a big event, but the JBL system made it easy.”

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