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JBL LSR Studio Monitors Used By METAlliance Academy At First Event

JBL's LSR6300 Series studio monitors were the first studio monitors to carry the METAlliance certification.

The METAlliance held its first ever METAlliance Academy event, titled, “In Session With The Guys,” at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles on in March, offering invaluable instruction from some of the world’s most successful producer/engineers.

The control rooms used for the event were equipped with JBL LSR6300 Series studio monitors, the first studio monitors to receive METAlliance certification.

Over two days, 26 participants received training from METAlliance founders Frank Filipetti, Phil Ramone, Al Schmitt, Elliott Scheiner, Chuck Ainlay, Ed Cherney and George Massenburg.

The event drew participants from as far away as Japan to receive this unique, hands-on instruction.

“JBL’s reputation for excellence makes the company an ideal partner for METAlliance, and the utilization of the LSR studio monitors for our first METAlliance Academy event ensured that our instructional sessions would be supported with high performance and accuracy,” Filipetti noted.

In January 2008, JBL’s LSR6300 Series studio monitors became the first studio monitors to carry the METAlliance certification.

“Since the METAlliance’s inception, JBL Professional has enjoyed a close and successful relationship with this organization of world-renowned engineers and the first METAlliance Academy event demonstrates the METAlliance’s commitment to education for aspiring recording engineers,” said Peter Chaikin, Director of Marketing, Recording & Broadcast, JBL Professional.

“JBL shares this commitment, as we recognize the importance of education in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.”

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