JBL Highlights New VERTEC DrivePack DP-DA V5 Loudspeaker Presets At InfoComm 2015

Bringing together V5 DSP technology and the DP-DA input module, this new update refines horizontal coverage, tonal balance and sound quality

At the recent InfoComm 2015 show in Orlando, Harman‘s JBL Professional highlighted the release of Version 5 preset support for the VERTEC DrivePack DP-DA input module for all fullsize, midsize and compact powered VERTEC models (VT4889ADP-DA, VT4888DP-DA, VT4887ADP-DA) and subwoofers (VT4880ADP-DA, VT4882DP-DA, VT4881ADP-DA).

Bringing together V5 DSP technology and the DP-DA (DrivePack Digital Audio) input module, this new update refines horizontal coverage, tonal balance and sound quality through the use of sophisticated multi-stage limiting and phase linearization.

JBL’s V5 DSP technology leverages the same OMNIDRIVEHD linear phase FIR processing capability that is featured in both Crown I-Tech HD DSP power amplifiers and DrivePack DP-DA input modules. V5 processing utilizes higher-order asymmetric filters and linear phase processing to improve horizontal coverage and tonal balance consistency across all models. Sound quality is improved through the use of arbitrary coefficient FIR phase linearization also improving system response to equalization, far-field summation and throw, and inter-array interaction/summation and stereo imaging.

Paul Bauman, associate director – Tour Sound for JBL Professional remarked: “When V5 was first launched, many passive VERTEC system owners were delighted by the performance improvements and commented that it was like having a new loudspeaker system all over again. Now VERTEC DrivePack owners can benefit from the same level of improvement with DP-DA V5 and it is important to note that there is also upgrade path to V5 for DP-IP DrivePack systems as well as previous generation DP-AN and DP-CN input cards.”

JBL’s DP-DA technology enables AES/EBU digital audio capability with analog audio backup, OMNIDRIVEHD digital signal processing and LevelMAXTM multi-stage limiting. It is suitable for use on any JBL DrivePack-equipped loudspeaker model in the VERTEC DP Series that is fitted with a DP-1, DP-2 or DP-3 JBL DrivePack assembly.

To complement the DP-DA V5 launch, JBL HiQnet Performance Manager version 1.8.4 has also been released, providing full support for deploying VERTEC DrivePack DP-DA with Version 5 presets.

Bauman concludes: “The sonic consistency provided by V5 processing allows all DrivePack models to ‘play well together’ from a sound design point of view and integration of new generation DP-DA V5 presets in Performance Manager system setup software allows for convenient system configuration as well as simple ‘plug and play’ operation.”

JBL Professional

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