Japan’s NHK Broadcasting Network Commissions Two API Consoles

Japan’s national broadcasting network NHK, has commissioned two API Vision consoles for their primary recording facilities.

The first 64 channel console was commissioned in February, 2014, and was so well-received that NHK was installing its second 64 channel Vision less than a year later.

Both consoles were built with a variety of custom features designed to facilitate NHK’s special applications, which include both recording and live broadcasts of performances ranging from small ensembles to large orchestral groups.

The first console was commissioned into NHK’s CR506, the control room for the largest scoring stage in Japan. The second Vision was installed into CR509, the control room for a large, flexible recording studio also at the NHK complex in Tokyo.

“The Visions were chosen not only for their classic API sound, but also their well-known reliability”, said API’s managing director Gordon Smart.

“We feel this combination convinced NHK that the Vision consoles would be well-suited for such high-profile work, and for such a prestigious international setting.”

NHK was founded in 1925 when it was known as Tokyo Broadcasting. At the time, NHK was a radio broadcast station that served only the island nation. Today, NHK broadcasts internationally in multiple languages, offering original Japanese programming around the world.

Both console sales were made by API distributor Mixwave, based in Tokyo, Japan.


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