iZotope Announces New Audiolens Track Referencing Desktop App

Designed to analyze audio directly from any streaming platform or audio source and integrate with iZotope plugins Neutron 4 and Ozone 10 to help users match sonic characteristics within their own mixes and masters.
A screenshot of the new Audiolens desktop app from iZotope.

iZotope has announced the debut of Audiolens, a new desktop app designed to simplify track referencing and comparison by collecting and analyzing reference track data directly from any streaming platform or audio source without the need for downloading media files or setting up audio routing scenarios.

The app gathers information on key sonic characteristics such as tone, dynamics, and width, and saves the analysis as a reference track to help users visualize and compare how their own mixes and masters stack up to their chosen references. Audiolens can then integrate with the AI-powered Assistants of iZotope plugins Ozone 10 and Neutron 4, automatically populating saved referenced targets to the Target Libraries where characteristics can be matched. Further adjustments are able to be dialed in using the Assistant Views.

References can also be saved to the Audiolens Target Library to build a personal catalog of reference track data that can be accessed at any time. Saved references can be named and organized to help users quickly find the sounds they want to match and compare tonal balance profiles. The Target Library communicates with Ozone 10 and Neutron 4, automatically populating references to those plugins if they are owned.

Audiolens is available to download for free from the iZotope website as of November 9, 2022 and for $99 USD from November 22, 2022. Existing iZotope customers may be eligible for additional loyalty discounts on Neutron 4 and Music Production Suite 5 Universal Edition. Details can be found in the user’s Account section on

The company also notes that current iZotope owners should ensure they are running the latest version of their product. New users can try out Audiolens with iZotope plugins by downloading a 10-day free trial of Neutron 4 here and a 10-day free trial of Ozone 10 here.