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It’s Not Too Late: WFX This Week In Houston!

This unique conference focuses on facilities, tech teams, pastors, and church market products and services.

To the point: WFX is the number one information and networking resource for church facilities and technology teams, with the latest WFX event slated to kick off this week (November 5-7) in Houston.

This unique conference program focuses on four tracks for facilities and tech teams, a day-long executive seminar for pastors, the largest Expo floor for the church market filled with thousands of products and services, and a special events program that will offers something for every church team member.

Anyone planning a church facility expansion, renovation or new construction project, looking to enhance church audio/video and lighting, optimize IT infrastructure or better manage a facility will find that WFX provides the optimum environment, education, and experience to learn what will work best for their specific situation – no matter the size, no matter the budget.

WFX opportunities include:

  • Find architects, builders, designers, service providers and more who speak your language and provide solutions.
  • Secure advice, solicit bids and develop relationships with key industry vendors.
  • Compare services on the expo floor and determine which providers can fulfill your church’s unique needs.
  • Discover the top reasons for ‘going green’ in your new building.
  • Learn 25 easy steps to be on your way to a greater facility.
  • Network with church teams to learn from their experiences and share ideas.
  • Learn how green design can increase a congregation’s cultural relevance, reduce upfront and long-term costs, and demonstrate love for God and his creations.
  • Understand how, through design, your church can be a leader and set examples in all areas of community life.
  • Learn how becoming efficient in the use of your building’s resources can make your church more effective in ministry endeavors.
  • How to meet the public’s expectations of quality Children’s Ministry through effective policies, procedures and interior design.
  • Ideas to consider to take multi-purpose worship centers to a level beyond the gymnatorium.
  • What building committees need to know about auditorium design to enhance your church’s audio/visual production – before you build.
  • How to design and theme-out your Youth Ministry for an immersive, experiential and successful program.
  • Is relocation the best option for your church?
  • How to design an expandable worship center to meet current capacity needs and allow for cost-effective expansion down the road.
  • Hear research on what the un-churched would like to tell you about how to design your next facility.
  • How to make your existing facilities more engaging and connective.
  • Learn 10 factors to consider before building your next children’s facility.
  • How to best plan your building project from the get-go, from building the team before the project gets underway to questions to ask.
  • Understand the fundamentals of a church capital campaign.
  • Find out how you can keep the congregation engaged, motivated and excited throughout the duration of your project.
  • Learn practical approaches to master planning your facilities expansion.
  • Can you afford it? What is your church’s debt capacity? What are all your financing options and which will work best for your church.
  • Learn how to successfully develop your church’s building team before the project gets underway.
  • Find out what makes an environment compelling in the digital age.
  • Hear what 6 of the most innovative pastors in America shared in a recent study about facility appeal.
  • What are all your financing options and which will work best for your church.
  • When is intelligent design and re-purposing of your existing space your best option.
  • Determine specific ‘third place’ options that will fit best in your church community.
  • What are critical tips for selecting a lendor.
  • Demo hundreds of A/V products on the WFX expo floor.
  • Compare audio, video, and lighting products; ask questions and determine what will work best for your church’s unique needs.
  • Find tech integrators to design and install your systems; solicit bids and start building relationships.
  • Meet other tech teams; share stories and solutions.
  • Learn how to get the best possible video quality from your video system.
  • Learn practical, proven advice on overcoming tech challenges in a multi-site/multi-venue church.
  • Fader jockeys be gone! Compare audio mixing philosophies and get real-world tips to improve your performance – Understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’ of audio mixing.
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of video venues from a panel of experts.
  • Review the fundamentals of loudspeakers and lighting systems and how to get your money’s worth.
  • Understand essential management skills for tech directors; from budgets to planning and communication skills.
  • Learn from experts how to upgrade the A/V production in your church’s worship service.
  • Develop an in-house training program for volunteer technicians to increase the production value of your services.
  • Learn to identify specific room acoustic needs and apply basic acoustical principles for maximum performance.
  • Synchronize audio, lighting and visual effects for multi-sensory worship experiences.
  • Creative ways to use technology to create impactful environments far less expensively than ever before.
  • When IMAG is a good investment for your church.
  • Refresh yourself with Audio Fundamentals.
  • Create a ‘user needs analysis’ for your church’s conceptual design, planning and budget development.
  • How to work within your A/V budget to ensure the intended scope of your project is being met.
  • If you want to include IMAG, make sure your church is prepared to do it right. Know what’s involved (personnel, equipment, etc.) before you make the leap!
  • Understand lighting system fundamentals for houses of worship.
  • Learn how to create impact with lighting.
  • Reach the media-saturated/savvy generations with enhanced digital efforts.
  • Learn how to leverage web 2.0 technology, online social networking and other digital technologies to increase membership and build community.
  • Discover the current and future technology trends and learn how will they impact our culture.
  • Prepare your tech infrastructure to properly support a digital church.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your podcasts, recordings or audio streams with simple solutions.
  • Understand the 10 commandments for church websites – the single most important communication tool for the local church.
  • Learn how to incorporate ‘green’ practices into your day-to-day operations for cost savings and efficiencies.
  • Review the fundamentals of Facilities Operations and Maintenance with the NACFM.
  • What are money-saving steps you can take now for your church.
  • How to develop a security plan balancing manpower with technology.
  • Learn the leadership skills necessary for effective facilities management.
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