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IsoAcoustics Introduces Custom Configurable Modular Acoustic Isolation Stands

New stands can be custom-designed to meet needs of sound designers, contractors and musicians, for small to large applications

IsoAcoustics has introduced a new line of Modular Acoustic Isolation Stands, which can be custom-configured to meet the needs of sound designers, contractors and musicians, for both small and large scale situations.

The stands will also be available at retail in standard sizes to complement popular brands of larger monitors, subwoofers and guitar/bass amplifiers.

The new Modular Stands provide a flexible and effective means to markedly enhance sound clarity and performance of guitar, bass and other musical instrument amplifiers, studio monitors, sound reinforcement loudspeakers and even subwoofers, using the company’s patented “floating design.”

Stands have all-aluminum construction and can be built to any size matrix configuration, incorporating any number of isolators required to meet the needs of the particular application at hand.

They’re available as a complete unit or can be integrated into floor stands, structures, millwork, soffits and other supporting surfaces. New and existing facilities will find the system provides a flexible approach to address their isolation issues.

Stands can be configured to any size for any application from 8 x 8 inches (23 x 23 mm) and larger, and can address the specific requirements of weight capacities which may exceed 200 psf.

Custom configurations for the IsoAcoustics’ Modular System will be proposed via the IsoAcoustics Design Calculator, which takes input parameters to create custom configurations based upon user requirements that consider size, weight and intended use, and provides the user with a specialized design solution. Custom orders can be processed by local retailers.


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