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“Introduction to Show Networking” Available At A Special Discount In February

Beginning Friday, February 12, users can utilize a "secret code" to purchase text in both print and eBook formats at a significantly reduced price.
The cover of "Introduction to Show Networking" by John Huntington.

From February 12 to 21 (2021), “Introduction to Show Networking” by John Huntington will be available at a special discounted price via the Rational Acoustics Store (print version) as well as at the Google Play Bookstore (eBook version).

During the limited time offer, users can utilize a “secret code” to get $2.78 off of both the print book, which will be reduced from its regular price of $25 to $22.22, and the eBook, which will be reduced from its regular price of $15 to $12.22.

To purchase the print edition, go to the Rational Acoustics Store and enter the code PROSOUNDWJH221 during checkout.

To purchase the eBook edition utilize this specific link at the Google Play Bookstore. If there are any issues with this link, any issues with the link, enter the code manually: C2KAAHQM8Q5FV.

“Introduction to Show Networking” is an easy-reading book that draws from Huntington’s “Show Networks and Control Systems,” the industry standard since 1994. It covers the basics of how Ethernet networks provide a platform for entertainment control and audio/video media distribution for concerts, theatre productions, corporate and special events, cruise ship revues, wrestling shows, houses of worship, museum presentations, fountain spectaculars—any kind of show presented live for an audience. The book’s bottom-up approach was designed with show technicians in mind, starting with the basics and then moving up through cables, network switches, and layering, and on through Ethernet, and network components like TCP, UDP, IP and subnet masks, all with a practical focus.

Huntington talked about “Introduction to Show Networking” on a recent episide of the Signal To Noise podcast on PSW. Go here to check out the discussion.

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