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Riedel's kit supports Crealine's remote and hybrid production workflows.

Intercom And Audio Distribution Systems From Riedel Support Crealine’s Live Productions

Riedel gear supports Crealine's remote and hybrid production workflows for esports and other live events across Switzerland.

Crealine Media Systems AG implements Riedel Communications‘ Artist digital matrix intercom system, Bolero wireless intercom system, and SmartPanel intelligent intercom and control panels for real-time video, audio, data, and communications. Ensuring communications within the Crealine control room, as well as connections to off-site locations, studios, and mobile facilities, the Riedel gear supports Crealine’s remote and hybrid production workflows for esports and other live events across Switzerland.

“Riedel gear sets up quickly and integrates readily via different interfaces for audio, control, and monitoring, so it’s easy to equip the system as needed for any live production,” said Silas Füglistaler, project manager at Crealine.

Along with Crealine’s existing store of Riedel equipment, the new Artist, Bolero, and SmartPanel systems played a central role in the company’s production of the Red Bull Flight Day in Lausanne on Sept. 19. The Riedel gear facilitated communications between a studio, located on a raft near the launch pad, with three commentators; the host motorboat; a reporter and the technical team working across the event; Crealine’s remote team directing the live show from its Ulster facility; and LTE mobile cameras with a comms connection to the remote team.

Bolero wireless intercom system

Riedel’s Artist provides communications and audio signal distribution for any audio or intercom application, while Bolero delivers versatility for wireless communications. The company’s RSP-1216HL SmartPanel user interface packs multiple full-color, multitouch displays into 1 RU and boasts user-friendly controls that facilitate intuitive operation. Leveraging innovative hybrid lever keys and a growing array of apps — starting with Control Panel and Intercom apps — for multifunctionality, the interface makes it easy to adapt to changing workflows and production requirements.

“We’ve enjoyed a very constructive, technology-driven relationship with Crealine, and I am proud of how we have supported the company in expanding quickly from a smaller customer working with limited stock to a partner facilitating production of very large events,” said Erwin Engel, Riedel sales manager for Switzerland.

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