InfoComm 2015: JBL Professional Introduces New PD500 Series Loudspeakers

At InfoComm 2015, Harman Professional‘s JBL Professional is introducing its new PD500 Series loudspeakers, an extension of the PD Series that includes four new full-range models and a subwoofer.

The PD500 Series can be used in a variety of applications, including sports facilities, performance spaces, auditoriums, and worship facilities. They utilize the same high-frequency drivers as the PD6000 Series, making them well-suited for use together in large systems where multiple loudspeakers are required for even coverage and like voicing throughout the space.

Full-range models include four horn-loaded 15-inch, 2-way systems and one dual-15-inch subwoofer. Coverage patterns for the full range models include 40 x 40, 60 x 40, 60 x 60, and 90 x 50 degrees. All models are available in black, white, and JBL Professional’s WRC weather protection and WRX extreme weather protection finishes.

The PD500 Series loudspeakers utilize proprietary Progressive Transition (PT) waveguides, coupled with the 2432H 38mm (1.5-inch) exit, 75mm (3-inch) voice coil compression driver and the 2031H 380 mm (15-inch) low-frequency transducer that delivers high sensitivity and low power compression for high continuous SPL capability. It is horn-loaded for additional sensitivity and improved pattern control. The 60 x 40-degree and 90 x 50-degree waveguides are rotatable, allowing all models to be utilized in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

PD500 Series loudspeakers can be operated in either bi-amplified or in full passive mode. In either case, digital signal processing is required in order to achieve specified performance. Input connectivity is achieved via CE-compliant covered barrier strips. Each cabinet is fitted with 20 M10 threaded suspension points, supporting a wide variety of installation approaches.

“Over the past few years the market has asked JBL to provide more compact horn-loaded systems at a competitive price point,” states Jon Sager, senior manager, Installed Sound, JBL Professional. “We’re extremely sensitive to the needs of our customers and are now able to equip system designers with new technologies and multiple coverage patterns, at a more affordable cost.”

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