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Industry Insight: Getting To The Essence Of Surviving Tough Times

Despite the fact that some businesses aren't doing well; others are surviving. Some are even thriving. What makes the difference?

Moving To Now

Fast-forward 30 or so years, and in analyzing the companies that are succeeding in this down economy, I see a parallel.

It does not matter if you’re working with a rental company doing industrials, a touring company on the road, a contractor doing installs or a manufacturer making gear: the deciding factor is attitude. Hustle, teamwork and positive outlook are highly visible and highly contagious.

I remember talking with a veteran mixer and sound company owner, when he was asked to go out on a notable tour, but he really didn’t want to do it, tired of life on the “bus” and wanting to spend more time at home.

But as we talked and reviewed the crew roster slated for the tour, his eyes began to light up.

He began to identify and tabulate the number of real professionals who would be out on this tour. These are individuals who would not only do their job, but also put in the extra time to make the show sparkle.

You know what I mean – the cables dressed perfectly, every truck packed clean and tight, load-in and load-out choreographed like a ballet, empty cases and dollies stacked and stored neatly, hitting the schedule spot-on every show. Total professionalism.

And he decided to work that tour. The positive attitude, he keenly surmised, would be contagious. Everyone wants to be a part of, or hire, the winning team.

Attitude is both a company issue as well as a personal one. Companies are led by management that has a primary responsibility of instilling positive attitude. That’s the first step.

But it’s just as important that positive attitude be an attribute (and responsibility) of each and every employee. And note that attitude is a double-edged sword. Positive is contagious but it’s a fact that negative attitude can be equally infectious, not to mention incredibly destructive.

Right now every element of our industry is under pressure. In effect, we’re engaged in an economic battle for survival. This always happens when supply is greater than demand.

In the end, price will stabilize at a level that will support the companies that remain. For a while, we can anticipate our industry as a whole to shrink before there is recovery.

During this time, attitude and professionalism are going to go a long way in determining the difference between success and failure.

Which side will you choose?

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