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Indonesia’s Taqwa Great Mosque Outfitted With Allen & Heath

Kairos Multi Jaya and Multi Electronic Terrain select an iDR-8 matrix mixer and Qu-16 digital rackmount mixer for new mosque in Kutacane.

Allen & Heath‘s iDR-8 matrix mixer and Qu-16 digital rackmount mixer were installed in the recently inaugurated Taqwa Great Mosque in Kutacane in Indonesia’s Aceh Province.

The largest mosque in the area, Taqwa can accommodate up to 4,000 worshippers inside and 2,000 outside, and the main objective of the new audio system was to deliver speech intelligibility to the entire congregation.

The installation team, comprising Kairos Multi Jaya and Multi Electronic Terrain, faced the challenge of providing clear audio coverage to a 2,700 m2 area, with a building interior, consisting of high ceilings and reflective surfaces, without affecting the design aesthetics.

An Allen & Heath Qu-16 compact digital mixer was selected at the heart of the new audio system, with an iDR-8 matrix processor installed to manage audio distribution and provide flexible zoning options.

“The result is quite amazing. The sound produced can be heard equally at all points by all worshipers inside the building.” explains Karuna, one of the Kairos Multi Jaya engineering team. “The Allen & Heath mixers provide the best clarity and ease of use possible.”

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