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Indiana Church Selects Allen & Heath Digital Console For New Sanctuary

In His Image Baptist Church installs an GLD-80 digital console in their newly built sanctuary.

In His Image, a Baptist church located 50 miles north of Indianapolis, continues to transform their newly constructed sanctuary by transitioning from their analog console to the Allen & Heath GLD-80.

Moving from an older building the main sanctuary now has a larger set up. Phil Mitchell, the installer from Mitchell Design Group, told church organizers that the GLD-80 would be perfect for their needs.

“I installed a GLD at another church in town and they were able to look at it. They absolutely loved the features of it. The ability to store different scenes for different events, plays, and regular church services was a hit. They are able to store the practice sessions in a separate scene and then go back to the church’s regular Sunday scene. They also liked the ability to have scribble strips, name the channels, and color code everything,” said Mitchell.

The installation was easy for Mitchell; he just had to prewire well in advance. Since it’s a wood structure he needed to do some special bracing with the construction.

“I installed the mixing console in the front of house mix position along with the AR84 unit that is in a rack in the booth to receive the wireless input,” he said. The AR2412 is installed in a rack behind the platform along with the amplifiers, which helped to simplify the installation. There was no snake cable running from the front of house up to the stage, just a cat 5 cable.

The digital console was ordered in advance so the volunteer sound team could get familiar with how it runs. Mitchell suggested that each person who operates the console visits the Allen & Heath website to review the videos that are available. He also mentioned downloading the GLD editor to have something to practice with. “That really seemed to help them all grab the concepts a lot more quickly,” he said. 

“There are a lot of digital consoles out on the market and of course we as integrators are free to choose anything. However, I’ve really settled on the Allen & Heath format as being the best sounding, easiest to train people on console. This is critical for me because I am the one who will get the call backs if they don’t understand how to do something and that saves me a lot of time in terms of getting people up to speed,” said Mitchell.

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