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In The Studio: Mixing Bass—Split That Thing (Video)

A unique spin on a classic bass mixing trick that can be done with any DAW as well as PreSonus Studio One
Article provided by Home Studio Corner.

In this video, Joe provides a unique spin on a classic bass mixing trick that can be done with any DAW but is made even easier to attain in PreSonus Studio One 3 (version 3).

So it’s both a mixing tip and a Studio One 3-specific tip.

Using a track, he takes you through the process, including a discussion of using distortion on bass (not new) as well as using it in a parallel processing sort of way (also not new), but that’s where the twist comes in, providing a way to get further definition from the bass track when desired.

Essentially it involves a new splitter function tied into Studio One 3’s distortion plugin that allows taking the effect further, making it even more effective (pardon the pun). Joe provides an explanation of this new frequency function, as well as what’s happening and how to best employ it.



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