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In The Studio: Is A Click Track A Good Option For Your Next Session?

While a clickless session may feel more natural to some, using a click has several distinct advantages,
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One of the most difficult things to do is maintain energy in a recording session.

Often musicians find it difficult to play along to a metronome/click track without sacrificing some musicality.

Personally, I love playing to a click track, even live.

It just helps “lock” everyone into place musically.

I’m certainly not suggesting that you must use a click track on every recording session, but you may be wondering “Should I use a click track?”

What it a click track?

Very quickly, let’s define a click track.

It’s nothing more than a metronome, a steady “sound” that plays at an exact speed, measured in BPM (beats per minute).

Most DAWs have the ability to create a click track, which normally has a fairly boring “tick…tick…tick…” sound.

Whether you use the boring sound or a more complex drum loop, the part that matters is that the entire song/session is record at the same tempo.

Three Reasons to Use a Click Track

There are some songs/recordings where it makes sense to ditch the click track and let the tempo breathe a little bit.

However, for most of the recording work I do, I always try to use a click track. Here’s why:

1. Protection against recording at the wrong tempo

Does the artist ever play music live? I do regularly. It’s amazing to me how when I’m playing a song on stage, the tempo can feel absolutely perfect.

However, when I go back and listen to the recording, I realize that I was playing the song way too fast.

All the excitement of playing live tends to make me speed up and play too fast.

I would do the same thing in the studio, too. A click track lets me establish the correct tempo, and ensure that all the takes are recorded at that tempo, rather than too fast.

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