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In The Studio: A Cool Patchbay Alternative (Video)

A cost-effective method to attain much of the flexibility of a patchbay, along with some additional benefits...
Article provided by Home Studio Corner.

Ever thought about using a patchbay in your studio?

More elaborate patchbays can provide unlimited freedom in interconnecting your equipment, but on the downside, there can be significant cost involved.

Yet there can be several benefits in having some sort of a patchbay available—and in this video, Joe presents an alternative.

It involves using a relatively inexpensive, off-the-shelf solution, providing the equivalent of sixteen (16) 50-foot cables in one box at a far less expensive price-point.

He notes that this direction may not be of “top-shelf” quality, but it works—while also providing some other advantages.

Joe Gilder is a Nashville-based engineer, musician, and producer who also provides training and advice at the Home Studio Corner. Note that Joe also offers highly effective training courses, including Understanding Compression and Understanding EQ.

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