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I Scored A Great Deal On Speakers… (But GPS Rules!)

Or, how I shopped on eBay but learned to love my TomTom...

I just scored an incredible deal on eBay. Three Yorkville Elite EX350M loudspeakers.

They are primarily a monitor wedge, but they also have a pole cup and can be used as a speaker-on-a-stick. They are a B&C loaded 12” x 1”, and have a nice shallow (as in closer to horizontal) angle that works best with the monitor up close and personal, the way a lot of people like their monitors.

How incredible a deal? Try three of them for $50. The catch is I’m located in Western PA, but have to pick them up in Jersey City. Not a problem.

But this is not about eBay deals. It’s about my first use of a recent gift I received for my birthday, a TomTom GO 930T GPS unit.

I do a lot of traveling by automobile, and welcome this new hi-tech gadget. I input the address of the location of my new eBay purchase and get a route. The route says it takes just under two hours to drive to my destination.

I look over the route, and where I am going is close to the highway, and on a main road in Jersey City, so I figure the trip will be a piece of cake.

I am not a stranger to big city driving, and know the megalopolis of North Jersey is not for the faint of heart. But my trip is planned for a weekday after rush hour, so I had no worries.Then again, traffic can be bad for no apparent reason, so I just hope for the best.

The trip out is gloriously uneventful, except for what I see in the west-bound lanes at the drawbridge that goes over the Passaic River. The road home is a two-mile-long west-bound parking lot.



I get to my destination and load up my goods. For the drive home, I fire up the GPS and have it calculate the way home.


What’s this? It’s taking me to I-78? Yes!

The magical GPS box has routed me around the traffic stand-still via I-78 and the New Jersey Turnpike, and all I did was press a button that said “Home”.

Yeah, that GPS, ya gotta love it.

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