HK Audio Offers New Unified Amping Solutions With Key Rack Packages

HK Audio has announced a series of Key Rack package solutions for rental, touring and professional musicians, as well as IPD passive speaker system solutions for audio installers.

The Key Rack packages feature the latest generation of advanced controller amps made by Lab.gruppen – the IPD 2400 and IPD 1200. The amp racks can be easily configured to drive a variety of HK Audio speaker setups simply by selecting the appropriate filter set.

Two HK Audio Key Rack packages are currently available: the compact 2-RU Key Rack 1.12, which features an IPD 1200 (2 x 600W @ 4 Ω) and can drive systems such as Premium PR:O, and the larger 3-RU Key Rack 2.24, which consists of two IPD 2400s (2 x 1200W @ 4 Ω) and can drive Linear 5, ConTour, ConTour Array and other systems. The Key Racks provide a unified amp rack for sound professionals which can even be controlled via PC, Mac or iPad.

Lars Langholz, HK Audio product manager (Rental, Touring, Installation), said: “These Key Rack packages are an extremely effective and cost-effective new way for sound reinforcement pros to drive and control a variety of HK Audio systems without having to worry about anything except achieving great sound. A comprehensive, do-it-all solution like this is the key to making configuration, setup and service easier, as well as maximizing the operational lifespan of your gear. That’s why we’re calling them Key Racks.”

HK Audio

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