HH Electronics Launches New SP26 & SP48 Loudspeaker Management Systems

Designed for use with the company's loudspeaker systems, both 2-input/6-output and 4-input/output units provide a range of DSP functions and more.
The new SP48 digital loudspeaker management system from HH Electronics.

UK-based HH Electronics has announced the launch of the SP26 and SP48, two new digital management systems for its loudspeaker systems and suitable for applications that include live sound reinforcement, theatres, bars and clubs, houses of worship, conferencing, and corporate events.

The SP26 offers two analog inputs and six analog outputs, each managed by a DSP engine. Input channels provide PEQ, gain control, dynamic low boost, noise gate function, RMS compressor, internal white/pink noise generator and configurable delay. Meanwhile, every output supplies up to seven PEQ and crossover filters.

For larger applications, the SP48 offers four analog inputs and 8 analog outputs, each with a DSP engine. Every input channel provides 30 PEQ, gain control, noise gate, RMS compressor and configurable delay, while every output offers up to seven PEQ and crossover filters, with each output path featuring peak limiter, HP/LP filters and driver alignment delay.

Both units are equipped with front panel controls and an interactive LCD display for local setup as well as a dedicated PC control interface for remote monitoring and configuration via USB or RS485 and dedicated control software. Further, both are also pre-loaded with audio presets designed specifically for the company’s new TNA line arrays. The SP48 supports a full matrix mixing mode where inputs may be routed/mixed in any ratio to any output.

HH Electronics