HeadRush Releases Firmware Version 2.0 For Looperboard

New version designed to provide endless loop time, footswitches, auto vocal harmony and tuning, auto bpm detection, new user interface and more.
New version 2.0 firmware on the screen of Looperboard from HeadRush.

HeadRush has announced the release of new version 2.0 firmware for Looperboard, designed to provide endless looping times, add auto vocal harmony and tuning, loop with auto-bpm detection, customize Looperboard’s footswitches, add rhythmic DJ-style effects, and more.

Looperboard, available at a U.S. retail price of $899, offers a 7-inch screen with a smart-touch interface, displaying offering dynamic feedback to users. It also provides 12 backlit RGB footswitches, 32-bit floating 48 kHz audio, more than 40 effects (FX), custom routing (including the onboard click track), and tap tempo with intelligent time-stretch.

Firmware 2.0 adds virtually endless looping times and backing tracks. Connect a hard drive or SD card to the unit’s USB / SD inputs to expand playback and looping times. It also now offers new FX that includes vocal harmony and tuning, allowing users to adjust their voice and add layered harmonies in real-time.

Other new effects include:
• Slicer – Chops up the sound in a pre-selected rhythmic pattern
• Pumper – Creates a rhythmic pumping effect, similar to that of sidechain compression
• LFO-Sync – Creates filter sweeps using a pre-selected time division of the tempo

Audio manipulation tools have also been added. Auto-BPM detection helps users keep in time when recording a loop. Looperboard’s non-destructive time-stretch is designed to match any imported audio without altering its pitch or sound quality. For compete personalization, In addition, version 2.0 allows users to customize the top four start/stop footswitches as shortcuts to

The updated UI layout is designed to make navigating pages easier with a new icon-based menu screen, a new FX section layout and a new mixer screen with on-screen explanations of features and looper modes.

Looperboard firmware 2.0 is available to all current Looperboard owners as a free download at


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