Harman Professional Launches Global Alliance Program For Access to Tour Sound Products

Delivering worldwide product access to its tour sound customers, Harman Professional announces the launch of its Global Alliance Program. Through this worldwide network of dealers and users, tour sound customers now have easier access to Harman Professional live sound products across the globe, to meet the needs of any premium production, anywhere in the world. 

“Our global infrastructure allows our live sound products to be found in every region of the world, so in the event that our customers need product to rent, buy or meet other equipment and production needs, that access is now easier than ever before, regardless of location,” said Brian Pickowitz, associate director, live sound and rental systems. 

In addition to product access, the Global Alliance Program offers customers the opportunity to promote themselves among their industry peers, while also building cross-rental opportunities and other partnerships between companies. The Global Alliance Program website also features access to Harman Professional’s Customer Center, where customers can request on-site factory support, product demos, and information on Harman’s training and certificate programs.

Global Alliance Program
Harman Professional

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