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New Renkus-Heinz CX121 loudspeakers in place at the gymnasium at Chicopee Woods Elementary School.

Hall County School District In Georgia Enrolls Renkus-Heinz

Multi-year, multi-location technical renovation at district with more than 35 schools utilizing the company's loudspeakers on numerous campuses, including CX121 two-way enclosures for a gymnasium.

Northeast of Gainesville, GA lies Hall County School District, home to 37 public schools pre-K through 12th grade providing education for nearly 28,000 students, with the entirety of the district currently undergoing a multi-year, multi-location technical renovation that includes the installation of Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers on numerous campuses.

Working with Nisewonger AV, a Lawrenceville-based AV integration firm, is working with Hall County School District solutions architect Josh Morton on the project. As part of the renovation, Chicopee Woods Elementary School (CWES) recently underwent an audio upgrade in its gymnasium.

“Gymnasiums by design are loud, chaotic spaces where there are often 50-plus kids running around and teachers trying to get their attention. The old CWES gymnasium was having acoustic challenges and we needed a solution that would provide clear audio in a noisy space while standing the test of time in a busy gym,” says Josh Albertson, AV Consultant at Nisewonger AV. “Ultimately, the CX121 from Renkus-Heinz was the right choice as it is compact yet provides consistent directivity and great sonic performance.”

C-Series loudspeakers were developed for applications needing consistent directivity and sonic quality from an aesthtically pleasing package, equipped with a 1.75-inch voice coil high-frequency compression driver with a 1-inch throat coupled to a large Complex Conic horn. Those components are joined by a 12-inch woofer, and together they are stated to provide 128 dB peak output level from 60 Hz to 20 kHz.

Albertson, Morton and the Nisewonger AV team continue to install Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers around the school district, including large areas such as auditoriums, gymnasiums and cafeterias as well as smaller spaces such as weight training rooms, band and music rooms and lecture-type classrooms.

“As a full-service AV company, we have access to many different manufacturers, but we’ve stayed with Renkus-Heinz over the years because they have a sound solution for every space,” Albertson notes. “When you balance system quality with the flexible, easy-to-install enclosures, Renkus-Heinz allows us to come in within budget and provide excellent, reliable performance for nearly any space.”

He adds that the installed loudspeakers around the school district are straightforward to use, with everything positioned so that the instructor or presenter can play music, present a video, or pick up a microphone and begin speaking without delay or complication. The various systems around the district are used for student event support, background music and PTA and faculty meetings.

“Our district’s goal for each school is to provide solutions for more effective communication and presentations and to help educators deliver exceptional learning experiences for students. Renkus-Heinz has been a great partner in this effort and we look forward to more installs around the school district,” Morton concludes.


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