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Guns N’ Roses Plays GBK Stadium With Clair Brothers

Total Audio deploys i218-M loudspeakers with iS218-M subwoofers for Not in This Lifetime Tour stop in Jakarta.
Guns N’ Roses performs in Jakarta. (Credit all images: Live Production Indonesia)

Guns N’ Roses continues to entertain fans and earn their place in American musical history with the Not in This Lifetime Tour – the third highest grossing tour of all time.

The 48,000 people at the GBK Stadium show in Jakarta were treated to a romping set of new and classic songs from the band’s extensive library. Not coincidentally, the crowd was also treated to the clarity of Clair Brothers i218 loudspeakers.

Clair Brothers’ audio consultant in the region, Wayne Grosser, explained, “The i218 system has been the first choice for touring artists in the GBK Stadium – it’s been a great success for many of the local promotors and production companies. I would particularly like to thank Indonesian production company and Clair Brothers rental partner, Total Audio, and its sound director, Sadat Effendy, along with his team for supplying all the gear well ahead of this scheduled show.”

Several Clair Brothers products were used exclusively for the entire main front of house system. In tandem with the four main hangs with sixteen i218-Ms in each, there were thirty-six iS218-M ground subs, twelve i212-M front fills, plus four delay towers with eight i212-Ms in each tower. All amplifiers were Clair Brothers CB-PLM20K amps. The touring front of house console used was the Yamaha Ravage PM10.

Continues Grosser, “Front of house engineer, Caram Costanzo, produced an amazing mix that sounded great throughout the whole stadium. The system engineer for the tour, Josh De Long of Clair Global, and I worked together to ensure we had even sound coverage for every audience area. This was a special show in that the Clair Brothers loudspeaker system used was called on to perform in a pinch at this Guns N’ Roses GBK concert. When all was said and done, Caram, Josh and the rest of their team were very impressed with the Clair Brothers i218-M and i212-M system. The fans seemed to be pretty ecstatic, too.”

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