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Grund Audio Design Updates GA-2021 Line Array Enclosures

Grund Audio Design Gala Series GA-2021 line array elements are now available with revised flyware as well as an optional transport case.

Grund Audio Design Gala Series GA-2021 line array elements are now available with revised flyware as well as an optional transport case.

Although the new flyware provides greater versatility, the line array elements remain fully compatible with existing GA-2021 systems and can be used together should customers wish to expand their current systems.

“The increased number of angles that we’ve made available to our GA-2021 enclosures enables the line arrays to be flown with a greater range of curvature,” says Frank Grund, President of Grund Audio Design. “The fact that pin storage has been moved to the front makes for fast, easy access during rigging.

“Furthermore, we’ve been careful to ensure full compatibility between existing enclosures and the new ones so that should a customer wish to expand their number of enclosures, everything will continue to work together seamlessly.”

The revised flyware provides a larger number of angles that can be defined for the GA-2021 enclosures. The pinouts now cover a range from 1 degree to 10 degrees which increases the number of line array curves available.

The Grund Audio Design GA-2021 line array elements also have a new pin storage arrangement and the enclosures themselves receive a new exterior finish. Pin storage on the front of the enclosure results in fast access when rigging the system.

In addition, the GA-2021 enclosures are finished with a low luster polyurethane finish for a non-reflective sight line, enabling the enclosures to maintain a low profile so as not to be visually distracting to the audience.

Setup and tear down with the Grund Audio Design Gala Series GA-2021 line array enclosures is now faster and easier thanks to the T8-AS4GADGA2021-C flight case. This heavy duty touring case carries four GA-2021 enclosures—arranged in two groups of two.

During setup, the new case makes it easy to take the first two elements, stack them on top of the other two enclosures, and be ready to hoist four boxes in a snap. The T8-AS4GADGA2021-C flight case expedites the storage of the enclosures during tear-down.

“Combined with our new model T8-AS4GADGA2021-C flight case, I believe our GA-2021 line array system is better than ever,” adds Grund. “We’ve listened carefully to our customers and I’m confident these updates to the GA-2021 will be well received by new and existing customers alike.”

The revised Gala Series GA-2021 line array enclosures and the T8-AS4GADGA2021-C flight cases are available now.

MSRP pricing for the GA-2021 is $3,679.
MSRP for the model T8-AS4GADGA2021-C flight case is $1,599.95.

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