Grund Audio Design Debuts DP-26C Loudspeaker Processor

Grund Audio Design has announced the new DP-26C Loudspeaker Processor.

Featuring DSP (digital signal processing) capability, including true 96 kHz resolution, 2 In / 6 Out functionality, operation from an external personal computer or via front panel access, and a wealth of additional processing choices, the new 1RU, rack mountable DP-26C is the ideal tool for a wide range of loudspeaker management tasks.

Among the DP-26C’s most features is its ability to manage phase response. The DP-26C offers provisions for defining a flat amplitude response with a 90-degree phase rotation at the selected frequency as well as a flat amplitude response with a 180-degree phase rotation at the selected frequency.

Unique among the current field of loudspeaker processors, the DP-26C’s ability to optimize the loudspeaker system for both SPL (sound pressure level) and phase provides today’s audio engineer the ability to ensure maximum performance from the sound reinforcement system.

Another key aspect of the DP-26C is its versatile user interface. With the ability to define system parameters via an external Windows PC, the operator is able to quickly see and adjust a multitude of settings while maintaining a ‘global’ visual perspective of the system.

Equally significant, the computer requires minimal processing capability as the actual audio processing is handled onboard the DP-26C. The DP-26C’s software interface runs on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Macintosh software is coming soon.

While the software interface is the preferred method for interacting with the DP-26C, full functionality is accessible via the unit’s front panel controls. The result is an incredibly versatile loudspeaker processing tool that works well in a wide range of application environments.

As a 2 Input / 6 Output processor, the DP-26C has 2 analog inputs, a stereo digital input, and 6 analog outputs. Each input has 5 filters and each output has 5 parametric filters.

Both input and output filters can be selected to be Bell, 1st/2nd order shelving with -3 dB at cutting frequency, symmetrical shelving with variable Q, HP / LP (high pass / low pass) with variable Q, 1st / 2nd order, all- pass (90 / 180 degree phase rotation at the cutting frequency), bandpass, and notch.

Featuring the ability to program each of the unit’s 6 outputs independently, the DP-26C provides the user with the ability to custom-tailor the device to the application environment far more than is typical with many competing units.

The new DP-26C offers compression and brickwall limiting on each channel output, hence facilitating the ability to create multiband compression. The RMS compressor has a selectable ratio up to 32:1 and adjustable hard/soft knee.

The output peak limiter with THR (total harmonic response) in Vp or dBu is for the protection of the loudspeaker. The RMS compressor and peak limiter’s THR can range up to-30 dBu. Each input and output channels have delays up to 850ms, with steps of 22 μsec.

For remote control purposes, the DP-26C can be accessed via USB or, for longer cable deployments, a USB to RS485 converter / adapter can be used.

With a USB to RS485 adapter, for example, the DP-26C can reside on stage while adjustments to the processor are made from the FOH (front of house) mix position—a thoughtful feature for the live sound professional.

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“The DP-26C brings a wealth of features and functionality that make it a terrific choice for both live sound and fixed installations,” said Frank Grund, President of Grund Audio Design. “The processor’s ability to impact phase response is quite unique and, with the software front end, system control is quite intuitive.”

“Similarly, the unit’s 6 fully independent outputs enable audio engineers to take full advantage of the processors strengths. The processor offers a rich feature set at a highly competitive price, all of which translates to excellent return on investment. I’m confident prospective customers will find the DP-26C a compelling value.”

The new DP-26C Loudspeaker Processor carries a MSRP of $1,299.00 and is currently available.

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