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Grund Audio Announces New GT-SF242R Front/Side Fill Loudspeaker

Rotatable horn and multifaceted fly system facilitates versatile placement

Grund Audio Design has introduced the new GT-SF242R loudspeaker, designed specifically for front fill and side fill applications, offering versatility in terms of placement and positioning.

Measuring 36.2 x 15 x 14.6 inches (w x h x d), the new GT-SF242R is a 2-way loudspeaker design with dual 12-inch transducers and a 2-inch compression driver for the high frequencies.

The compression driver is coupled with an 80- x 50-degree horn on a rotatable conversion plate that enables one to optimize dispersion depending upon the physical placement of the loudspeaker enclosure. This design is accomplished by having the horn mounted to a larger rectangular plate that does the physical moving.

In addition, the rotation of the horn physically changes the porting of the box, as the vent holes move to accommodate the horn’s position. The end result is a front and side fill loudspeaker system that offers exceptional coverage regardless of its physical orientation.

The GT-SF242R ships with an innovative 6-inch fly track on both the top and underside of the enclosure that enables multifaceted positioning. This hardware allows the loudspeaker to be used in multiples for line source hanging and, in addition to being flown in a horizontal orientation, the GT-SF242R can also be flown vertically from the ends of the enclosure.

The enclosure is constructed from 13-ply Baltic birch and covered in a durable polyurethane enamel finish (black or white). It includes a perforated, powder coated steel grill with a high transmission ratio that is backed by a splash mesh to protect the transducers.

The loudspeaker’s frequency range extends from 40 Hz – 18 kHz. It uses an internal crossover and can readily be bi-amped.

“The GT-SF242R is unique in the fact that this loudspeaker is specifically designed for front fill and side fill applications,” states Frank Grund, president of Grund Audio Design. “The transducer compliment delivers full frequency performance and the rotatable 80- x 50-degree horn enables this system to be positioned without compromise.

“In addition to its ability to be flown vertically or horizontally, there’s also a ‘pullback’ point that enables one to adjust the angle of the loudspeaker. The end result is a loudspeaker that delivers exceptional vocal performance and first-rate control. I’m confident sound reinforcement professionals will find this new loudspeaker system an outstanding choice for everything from live concerts to theatrical performances and more.”

The Grund Audio Design GT-SF242R is available now at a uggested MSRP of $1,899.

Grund Audio Design

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