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Grammy-Nominated Producer Matt Paul Augments Studio With SSL X-Desk & Alpha-Link

First project for the new gear was programming on the Jay-Z-led Haiti charity single "Stranded"

Over the past decade, Matt Paul has built a reputation as a producer and remixer who’s able to turn his skills to a wide range of projects.

As well as remixing such global heavyweights as U2 and Jay-Z, Matt’s also been Grammy-award nominated for work on Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black, her 2006 sophomore album that propelled her to global superstar status.

Paul’s experience also helps when selecting the right tools for the job – which is why he recently augmented his studio with a Solid State Logic X-Desk and Alpha-Link.

“The sound quality of the Alpha-Link is fantastic, and the X-Desk is a perfect centerpiece when I’m working primarily in the box. You just get back some of the functions that you lose when not working in a large studio. It also gives you the versatility to work in a number of ways depending whether you’re tracking, programming or mixing,” he says.

“The first project I used the gear for was programming on the Jay-Z-led Haiti charity single Stranded, which had a very tight deadline due to its scheduling for an MTV performance. The increase in workflow certainly helped. Since then I’ve been working on a number of projects, including U2, Delooze and Dot Alison in various remix, production and programming capacities, and the SSL gear has been spot on every time.”

“And apart from the obvious improvement in sonics and workflow, the SSL gear has definitely made life easier. I guess initially I was skeptical about the mini-jack input on the front, but it’s actually proven to be amazingly useful. There’s no more faffing around with different leads and the patch bay just to listen to a laptop or iPhone, and being able to sum the input with the mix or external audio is very useful too.”

“Having 24 channels of high quality conversion also means I can have lots of outboard FX, filters, synths and instruments always plugged up, saving time and hassle when quickly trying ideas out and keeping the session flowing along nicely.”

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