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Grammy Nominated Engineer/Producer Hal Winer Selects AKG’s Perception 820

The Perception 820 provided a warm, smooth and rich vintage sound not achievable in software.

GRAMMY-nominated engineer/producer Hal Winer has selected the AKG Perception 820 for his facility, BiCoastal Music.

Offering something that computer programs can not: a warm, smooth and rich vintage sound, the tones provided by his new AKG Perception 820 Tube have been an asset to his recording process.

Winer has been using the Perception 820 Tube in every recording since he first acquired it, applying it to both lead and backing vocals as well as guitar, bass and various other feature instruments.

As the flagship for AKG’s Perception series of microphones, the Perception 820 Tube was specifically designed for use in studios like BiCoastal, where clarity and precision is key.

It has a dual 1-inch condenser large diaphragm that makes it suited for lead vocals, brass instruments, overhead miking and many other applications, and the ECC 83 dual-triode tube circuitry and output transformer emphasize even-order harmonics for rich, smooth and 3-dimensional sound.

The remote control unit allows selection of nine different pickup patterns and provides a switchable second-order bass-cut filter.

“I’ve been using my Perception 820 Tube microphone for every conceivable application; it really is one of the best all-around microphones I have,” Winer said.

“It delivers a smooth, rich sound and it certainly adds some harmonics and warmth to every voice or instrument.  It sounds like it’s already appropriately eq’d to everything I put it on, plus It’s got that tube mic character everyone is looking for.”


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