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Javier Valverde in his new Dolby Atmos studio that's equipped with KRK V-Series monitors.

GRAMMY Award-Winning Engineer Javier Valverde Transitions To Dolby Atmos With KRK

Engineer's Miami studio transformed to an immersive mix environment that utilizes a range of V-Series monitors joined by an S12 subwoofer.

GRAMMY Award-winning recording and mixing engineer Javier Valverde, who’s worked with clients such as Maná, Alejandro Sanz, Brandy, and Timbaland in addition to serving as T-Pain’s main engineer for nine years, recently transformed his Miami recording studio into a Dolby Atmos room utilizing KRK V-Series monitors.

Specifically, three V-Series 8 monitors are deployed in the front left, center, and right of the studio along with two additional V8 monitors in the rear. Two V-Series 6 monitors are on the right and left sides, four V-Series 4 monitors are positioned in the front and back of the ceiling, and an S12 subwoofer resides below the room’s mixing console.

Valverde was already familiar with the brand after being introduced to it while assisting at The Hit Factory. “An engineer came in for a project I was working on and had the original V8s, and I just thought, ‘Wow, these sound really good,’” he says. “The fullness and the bottom that they were getting out of the KRKs was very clean and powerful and so much better than the regular monitors we had in the studio at that time. I found them very impressive. After finding KRK in different studios throughout my career, it was a no-brainer what monitors I would choose when I finally opened my own.”

Based in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, Valverde turned his mix studio into a custom Dolby Atmos studio with the help of friend and colleague Carlito Cobos. “I was originally mixing with KRK ROKIT 5 Studio Monitors, and I was really digging the mixes I was getting out of them; they made everything sound great,” explains Valverde. “When Carlito approached me about making an Atmos room, I didn’t think it would be in the budget, but he showed me how we could use all KRKs. He helped me with the acoustic paneling and tuning of the room, and by the time we were up and running in January, the monitors sounded great. The room is awesome.”

His recent work of his includes the single “Like Dis” by Nappy Boy Entertainment artist Chayo Nash, who collaborated with the label’s front man, T-Pain, on the song. Valverde also worked on the upcoming single for Moroccan artist Ghita. “Everybody who comes into the studio is blown away,” Valverde continues. “Not only by the immersive audio but also by the way the monitors sound; they’re great. The mid-range is so clear, and you get good spacing and depth. That is what really stands out to me and to the artists coming into the studio. Plus, with the S12 sub in there, I get extra power on top of the V8s.”


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